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Even the best relationships suffer injuries, are tried and tested, and sometimes even hit "rock bottom." At these times, we may begin at surviving to get to thriving. In addition to relationship recovery, we will start by defining your relationship ideals and setting common goals for your relationship because there is no one way to be a successful couple.  


While happy relationships do come in different shapes and sizes, common themes do exist in happy couples. This is why I implement information, techniques, and strategies from well established research. I do not want to give anecdotal advice based on my own marriage, because that may very well not be the goal or ideal in yours.


Often in the course of couple's therapy, one or both partners may request to be seen individually, or I may suggest individual sessions for issues that come up in a couple's joint session. This is never done in the context of secrecy from the other partner. If you see me for couple's therapy, the relationship is my first client. I would end work with a couple before I would keep a secret from one partner that would harm the other. Far more often, what occurs is that one partner has an individual concern to work through with me prior to being able to address it effectively or communicate it clearly to the other person, which is always the end goal.

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